Mind Your Manners Boarding offers a variety of services from overnight to extended stays, Bathing/Ears/Teeth services. 

At Mind Your Manners Boarding our mission is to exceed your highest expectations in providing quality, safe, clean individual loving care for your pets when you have to be separated from them. 

Each of our guests is special in our hearts and we will do what ever is necessary to insure each guest receives the same individual attention, love and affection we give our own pets.

Valet service for dog Boarding and Doggy Daycare

* We make your dog part of our family, The house is there room, we are with them all day and night. While here they become part of our family.**

When you’re away we know you missed your special friend, So Mind Your Manners offers Pictures & video updates via E-mail


* $20.00 per day (regardless of size)

* $15.00 per day (for each additional Guest)

* Discounts for long term ( 4 weeks Or more )Boarding

** Check-in/Check-Out CHECK IN: Preferred in the am, it will give your dog time to adjust, but our latest for drop off is 4PM which allows for dinner and play time.

** CHECK OUT: Any time between 7am and  6pm Monday through Saturday.  Sunday: 7am - 10am


** Dogs checked out past 11am will be charged another day. no exceptions.

** Multiple dog rates are based on all dogs from the same family

** Only one discount per stay per family

** Discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts, multiple dog discounts or boarding packages

** Food: When boarding, Please bring your dog's food because that's what their tummies are used to eating. if you forget to bring food, We can  provide our House Food for your dog for $2.00  per day or 6.00 for a 5lbs bag of what we have in stock. 

** We are happy to administer medications at no additional charge. If your dog has special needs, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate him/her.

** Late Policy: After a long day of play, we are all tired. Please be prompt with your pet's pick up. if you are late multiple times, we will not be able to watch your dog anymore, as in if one person is late, it affects the entire days schedule.


** Basic Requirements:
* Shots: Bordetella, DHLPP, and Rabies
* All pets must be current on flea prevention.
* Age: 4 months or older
* Behavior: All dogs must be non-aggressive to both people and dogs.

Thank You For Visiting Mind Your Manners Boarding

How It Works:You request Valet service, when you pull up for drop off, you just sit there, we will come out to your car, get Fido and his food plus what ever else you brought for his stay and you go on your merry way. As for pick up, tell us a time you will be picking Fido up, , we will bring Fido to your car, load him up safety, give you back all that you brought and hand you our portable credit card processor or you can pay with cash or check then your ready to go. our goal is to make it as easy for you as we can, this great new feature only cost $7.00 per dogs stay , no matter if your staying 2 days, a week or even a month no matter if you have 1 dog, 3 dogs or even 4,  its only $7.00. all you have to do IS CALL US OR  check the box on the boarding request form.