Mind Your Manners Canine Training Guarantee

 The Mind Your Manners Canine Training guarantee is unique in the industry. It is designed to ensure that a dog’s behavior and obedience issues are resolved to the satisfaction of the customer, and to provide customers with ongoing peace of mind. It provides for the following:  To sum it all up, For as long as you own your dog, you will never have to pay for training again.

                Written: Clients receive a written, signed copy of the guarantee on their M.Y.M.C.T. receipt, which is an official M.Y.M.C.T USA document.

                No Limitations: M.Y.M.C.T. guarantee simply states that if the client carries out the pet training instructions provided at the training lesson, M.Y.M.C.T. will work with the client for the life of the dog (depending on the service obtained) at no additional charge. Most clients prefer the lifetime guarantee because they receive peace of mind for very little additional cost.

              All Problems Covered: The guarantee provides for ongoing, free assistance in dog behavior correction, no matter if the same problems reoccur, or if new problems arise. There is never an additional charge.

             Guarantee Moves With The Dog: If for any reason the dog needs to be re-housed, the next owner receives the guarantee at no charge. In the case of the lifetime guarantee, the new owner will be trained at no charge and will receive the benefits of the guarantee for the life of the dog. The one-year guarantee applies if the re-housing is done within the first year. Clients can upgrade to the lifetime guarantee for a slight charge.

[ Terms and Conditions of the lifetime guarantee:

Client must have had either purchased one of the following programs to be eligible for our lifetime guarantee:

 1) 14-day Board and Train

 2) 21-day Board and Train

 3) 30+-day Board and Train

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