Meet Shelly

Shelly Mancini, our Co owner, has over 10 years of dog Knogledge and understanding which includes Vet Tech, Grooming and training experience. She spends most mornings doing full grooming and pet strippings. She supervises staff and relies on them to help prep before a haircut.
Shelly is readily available to consult with reception and customers on grooming needs and training needs. She works with customers to achieve a balance between finances and beauty.
Call for details on our grooming prices.


[dog-grooming] Come in and let Shelly give your dog the total salon experience. After all, who doesn’t love a makeover?

Mind Your Manners Dog Grooming in the heart of Lakeland does an amazing job and bathers that will keep your best friend looking and feeling his very best. Besides the obvious appearance benefits of grooming, there are real health reasons to have your dog groomed regularly:

Avoiding painful and potentially harmful matting is especially important for the health of long or heavy-haired breeds.

Shelly checks for fleas, ticks, skin issues and lumps and will alert you to any physical issues we discover while pampering your pooch.

Make your dog the envy of the neighborhood by Mind Your Manners Whether your pup needs a clean up after a day of fun Camp or just wants some pampering, your furry child is guaranteed to look amazing after a visit to M.Y.M..

Services include:


Ear Cleaning

Teeth cleaning


Doggie perfume/colonge
Nail Clipping
Razor Cuts
Scissor Cuts
Blow-Dry Services

Scheduling Details

Our grooming services are available to pets whether they are lodging in our pet resort or not.
These services are available with an advanced grooming reservation by calling to set up an appointment. Please specify a drop off time between 7 -9 AM weekdays or between 8-9 AM on Saturday.
They can also be added to a lodging appointment at check-in or up to 48 hours before checkout. Sundays we are closed. Certain exceptions can be made.
Please specify a pickup time when grooming services are requested.