Mind Your Manners Incentive Funds rewards:

* You refer somebody for the 14-Day Board and Train receive $35.00 incentive funds
* You refer somebody for the 21-Day Board and Train receive $45.00 incentive funds
* You refer somebody for the 30-Day Board and Train receive $60.00 incentive funds


* Funds will not be released until training program is completed.
* You will receive funds within 7 days after training program is completed.
* Referral person have to contact me first, I will not make first call to your referral.

* Incentive program can not be activated once a training program has
  been started.( meaning once a dog has started training and then you 
  read about the incentive program, you can not use it for the dog already in training.)
 * Incentive program can’t be used with any specials, coupons and dogs with aggression.


Welcome to Mind Your Manners Incentive Program

* Required Free Contact Form

How It Works-   Do you know somebody that needs a dog trained? Would you like to make some extra cash? If you refer a person either by printed form or online form below. Tell the person to call me to discuss what training program works for them. Once either the 10 or 14 day Board and Train program has been completed. I will send out the Incentive fund via money order on to the address on the form. See below for forms, rules and how much incentive funds you can get.

Incentive Form: