Age: 1 yr +
Breed: Black Lab (male)
Keywords: BIG!, Calm, Cuddly, Friendly, Mobility,  Psychiatric SD-- Loves to Work, Play & Hug!

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Meet our Available Service Dogs

(When Available)

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Each of 
these dogs has been carefully evaluated, selected and raised to become Service Dogs. Each
are at their own stages in the training, but they are currently undergoing intensive socialization and training to reach their goals to become Service Dogs! 

Each of these dogs, assuming their training continues successfully and they do not wash out, (meaning: become happy pets!) will be placed with a suitable handler in need of a service dog for whom they are specifically trained. 

If you are interested in possibly getting matched with one of these MYMDiT or a future MYMDiT please send an email to and we'll get in touch with information regarding how to move forward-