Mancini has dedicated his career to training "man's best friend." He began his career at Southeastern Guide Dogs where he learned the very specialized skill of training dogs to guide blind/visually-impaired individuals. Mancini went on to become one of only a handful of people in the world to train wheelchair guide dogs. This highly specialized training involves training guide dogs to work with a visually impaired person who also requires the use of a wheelchair.
Mancini desired to extend his knowledge of dog training into the public sector. He opened Mind Your Manners Canine Training in 2004 and has worked with more than 1200 dogs and their owners. Mancini is skilled at reading dog body language, behavior modification and teaching dog obedience.

Mancini's training philosophy involves positive reinforcement, patience and respect for the animal.  
Mancini has been recognized for his work in The Sarasota Tribune, Manatee Herald and FOX 13 News 

Mancini's certified In

Meet The Trainers & Staff

Shelly’s passion for helping animals began when she was young and her AG teacher gave her first rabbit to show at the fair. That was the beginning of a strong passion to breed, raise, train, show and love all types of animals. Shelly went on to win many awards in several different states with her shorthorn cattle. She then went on to pursue a career in Rodeo competing in barrel racing, pole bending, and goat tying. While doing so she also took a job a local veterinary hospital to fulfill her passion with helping animals. She found her knack and did so for several years. She then received a call a call that would change her life forever. She was asked to run her aunts rescue kennel and soon became the manager of everyday operations. This provided Shelly with the knowledge and skills to help dogs learn using a smart, positive, and effective approach. With passing of her aunt she went back to work helping animals at a vet clinic when she met her now Husband Mancini. Mancini has helped teach, guide, and understand animal behavior along with becoming an instructor (which she is finding is more of a challenge than working with the pups at times) Now Shelly is an integral part of Mind Your Manners lesson instructor where she focuses on topics such as new puppy training and management, basic obedience and manners, leash skills, curbing reactivity, excessive barking, and separation anxiety. Shelly has also become a residential part of Mind Your Manners and it’s everyday operations.Shelly has shared her life with her best friend of 17 years Charlie, Charlie was a Jack Russell who has since passed, now she has adopted a black lab name Angus. Lets just say, Angus has put the training fire back in her, Mr. Angus on his first week at his new home showed aggression, has counter surfed and stolen a huge London Broil, Lasagna, and bolted out of the door. Fast foreword 4 months later and consistent training, Angus is a well-mannered, well-rounded young man. He is now on to bigger and better things with no aggression, walking well on a lead, and a great buddy for Michael

Shelly has numerous jobs as a Owner/Operator of M.Y.M.,

* She Helps Train all dogs

*  She answer all calls daily

* gets everybody ready for    

   there training training

* She help with the boarding dogs

*  she also is a very good


Mancini- Owner/Operator , Master Trainer

* Dog Behavior
* Dog Obedience
* Guide Dog Training
* Wheelchair Guide Dog Training

Shelly- Owner/Operator , Trainer, Administration, Groomer

* Clicker Training
* Wheelchair Service Dog Training
* Therapy Dog Training
* I am Trained and Certified in the US and Internationally